Understanding Surrender

There can be a lot of negative connotation around the word surrender, sometimes underestimating its importance and meaning in our lives. We are all, or probably admire fiercely independent people who often are also those everyday heroes. Surrender is not always about big acts, but also the many small sacrifices we give everyday to loved ones around us. We are invested in their lives and know how it feels to be dedicated to being available, supportive, and providing anything that is needed for the well being of our families.

It is the same in relation with God, as God surrenders and gives to us, we do for God. The act of surrendering is a relationship decision. Not everyone has the same bottom line. It is diverse. What I give over to God is different from what the next person might. The measurement upon how much I connect and allow my life and person to be given over to the unification with God is subject in accordance with personal growth. This does not take away my independence, but is independent. It is as it is with all other things believed academically, scientifically, and psychologically. Any choice we make by educated and authentic reasoning is progress. Reasoning is not confined to provable spheres, but also allowed in those of faith, unknown physics, or emotional intelligence. Intelligence and versatility, experimental and diverse thought are implore upon these mental terrains, not against them.

Surrender is one of these human qualities that allows a dismantling of the sole focus being on our self. I don’t have to fear a lack of control, lest I believe I can control all the circumstances to my favor if that is what I wanted, and yet we know this is impossible, and we all can only control ourselves, and realistically, not even that most of the time. We give up our own ways all the time and end up collaborating with the people we work with and live. We collaborate with God. Surrender is hearing and considering God’s input through his word, Holy Spirit, and interactive relationship in lots of ways that makes it a real life changing spiritual act. One person to another. One being to another.

Genuine love answers for surrender. If a person loves another deeply from the heart, they are willing to go the extra mile, give more, work together, collaborate, let others have the win, make the sacrifice of love because that is what love is. It serves and gives and surrenders to each one of our needs. This is God’s surrender to us. He showed us his love by laying his life down in proxy for our separation from God, and took the consequences of our faults upon himself. He gave himself up to offer love and forgiveness and shelter, so that we would gain his life and he would gain us.

Surrendering to God is much like for example, when my husband and I are arguing, and I am solely determined to believe a lie about his perspective. Instead of being defensive, he might choose to look past my accusation because he knows how much he is accepted and loved, is quick to love and forgive me. This is God, and people love one another everyday of our lives. Everyone shares in love and surrender. This is how surrender and faith have purpose in God, it is when we are united in a spiritual relationship. Christianity is not surrendering to religions laws. Living with God is not about surrendering to the Ten Commandments. It is about giving your life to God because  his life is given to you. God is here connecting with every person. It is a sharing process.


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